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A Professional Kerbing Service.

15 September 2011no comments frontPageSlider

Castle Kerbing is a leading provider of kerbing production with decades of experience in the field. Providing services for both government and the private sector Castle Kerbing is at the forefront of kerbing technology, utilizing the latest equipment to ensure high quality work that fully complies with the requisite standards. They carefully plan their work so that it is co-ordinated with other work being conducted on site and can work anytime. Day or night, Castle Kerbing gets the job done right first time every time. They provide kerbing services from northern New South Wales to far north Queensland. For examples of their quality kerbing have a look at their gallery.

If you need kerbing for your development project, road construction, or even for your driveway, Castle Kerbing at  is the way to go. So give them a call on 07 5533 8333 or mobile 0427 760 516. Alternatively you can reach them on their website.

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