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Green Painter paints the way to energy efficiency….

16 July 2011no comments frontPageSlider

In this day and age, in every industry, there is a growing demand for every business to follow environmentally friendly practices. Green Painter and John Crawford Painting have mastered the process of being truly environmentally friendly and sustainable, minimising their carbon footprint at each and every job.

John Crawford Painting has clearly emerged as the ‘Green Painter’ in Greater Melbourne and throughout Victoria. Using environmentally friendly, low VOC and heat reflective paints, as well as machines and practices focused on water conservation, adopting green policies within the business both in the office and on site, and possibly most importantly involving and training all employees in green practices.

Beware of other GreenPainters websites, there is only one with the credibility of years of experience and true Green Painter practices. Visit the website and see for yourself. Green Painter is back by John Crawford, the greater Melbourne and Victorian painting professionals, and the experts in environmentally friendly painting.

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