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Massaging our Troubles Away

24 August 2011no comments frontPageSlider

Here at Netbiz we’re a busy group of people who often need to find time to chill out. So we are delighted to have Body Balancing: Therapeutic and Sports Massage join the Netbiz Portfolio. Marc Fraser-Bell is Body-Balancing, he brings a wealth of expertise and experience in world class sport. With over 20 years experience as a qualified massage therapist and his time as a world class swimmer Marc knows all about staying competitive and dealing with injuries.

Sport is a great way to help maintain fitness and get outdoors to enjoy the beautiful South-East Qld weather. But from time to time we all experience injuries which can take weeks if not months to heal. Don’t try to tough it out, to put up with ongoing pain, this can make the original injury much worse. Have a look at Marc’s website for the types of services available and see if he can help you not only to manage your pain but do so without dangerous drugs. If you are planning to enter competition in the near future Marc can also help you become psychologically prepared for upcoming competitions.



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